How Endo-Optimize Works

Endo-Optomize Offers a Natural Approach for Egg Quality Issues Caused By Endometriosis and PCOS

What Causes Poor Egg Quality?


Endometriosis is a common health problem in women, affecting about 1/3 of all women. It gets its name from the word endometrium, the tissue that lines the uterus or womb. Endometriosis occurs when this tissue grows outside of the uterus on other organs or structures in the body. Endometriosis is an under diagnosed and under treated problem.

This delay in diagnosis can contribute to impaired quality of life and may have deleterious effects on:

  • The ovarian reserve: the number of follicles (giving rise to fertilizable oocyte) is significantly reduced.
  • The peritoneum: peritoneal inflammation can disrupt the endometrial receptivity and damage the oocyte/embryo quality.
  • The mitochondria: disruption of the mitochondrial activity (which lead to oxidative stress and inflammation) that negatively impact the oocyte quality and the embryo potential for implantation.

PCOS/Insulin Resistance

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) occurs when a woman suffers from some form of insulin resistance or other metabolic disturbances including the impairment of glucose metabolism and/or the production of excessive levels of androgens (male hormones).

This can be a difficult diagnose to make as very few cases are “textbook and therefore these patients are very often misdiagnosed or the diagnosis of any problem is missed entirely. Common symptoms for PCOS include menstrual cycle changes, difficulty conceiving, recurrent miscarriages, unexplained infertility and other health concerns such as hirsutism and/or acne.

Due to a disrupted mitochondrial function, PCOS predisposes to chromosomal errors leading to a reduced oocyte quality and an increased rate of aneuploidy (genetically abnormal embryos).

How Our Supplements May Help

Assisting Egg Mitochondrial Restoration

Mitochondria are metabolic engine whose main role is to produce ATP (energy) that play a key role in:

  • Oocyte quality
  • The early development of an embryo

Oxydative stress with the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and inflammation have been shown to severely damage the mitochondrial function thus leading to poor oocyte and embryo quality.

Reproductive Immunology Supplements has created a line of supplements that may help improve mitochondrial function by lowering levels of inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress that have been associated with mitochondrial damage in affected patients.

Over the years, we have seen tremendous improvement in oocyte and embryo quality as well as great success in women with endometriosis or PCOS who have used the supplements contained in the Endo-Optimize.

The first supplement of our product line is Endo-Optimize and a probiotic with similar properties will be soon released. The different ingredients used in our dietary supplement have been scientifically proven to positively impact your oocyte quality by enhancing the mitochondrial function and improve the symptoms associated with PCOS and endometriosis.

We have seen substantial improvement in embryo behavior and pregnancy rates in patients that were on all of these supplements. In fact, centers around the world have copied our supplement protocol.

Formulated by World-Renowned Reproductive Immunologist
Dr. Jeffrey Braverman

Omega-3 Optimize

Omega 3-Optimize: the best formulation to restore optimal fatty acid parameters.
Omega 3-Optimize is the latest addition to our supplement family.
It is made from extremely purified EPA and DHA in the form of triglyceride, the most deliverable form of omega 3s.

Indeed, there are two different forms of omega 3 in the market, either available in ethyl ester form (EE) or triglyceride form (TG). They differ based on the method of esterification, process during which fatty acids are added to an ethanol backbone for the ethyl ester form or to a glycerol backbone for the triglyceride form.

During digestion, an enzyme (pancreatic lipase) hydrolyses EE to a lesser extent than TG and at a slower rate leading to higher TG bioavailability.

Our formulation displays the highest concentration of EPA and DHA with 1000 mg per soft gel. Our product is gluten-free and contains non-GMO components.

To learn more about the benefits of our Omega-3 Optimize on your fertility, read our blog:

Omega 3-Optimize Offers a Natural Approach to restore optimal fatty acid profile, reduce your inflammation, improve your egg and sperm quality and support your pregnancy.

Endo-Optimize – Probiotic

Probiotics are normal inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract and exert many beneficial effects in a variety of diseases. Taking the right strain at the right dosage could help reduce inflammation among other benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties with the reduction of IP-10 levels (marker of endometriosis) and other pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-17 and interferon-gamma.
  • Promote immune tolerance by inducing the development of functional regulatory T cells.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.
  • Inhibits the development of ectopic endometrial cell in peritoneal cavity (reducing endometriotic lesions).

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